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Trusted Legal Representation


"Mr. Wagoner is not only an excellent attorney but an outstanding person. During my 16 month association with him, I never felt anything other than total confidence in his work. I will never call anyone other than Mr. Wagoner if I ever need legal advice in the future and would recommend him to anyone asking." 

Greg J. 

"Mr. Wagoner will fight for you and what you deserve and the staff is very helpful and caring."

Hesham A.   

"Robert Wagoner was my attorney during litigation against a large corporation over approximately a five year period. It was a true David and Goliath up-hill battle. I feel that our success was due to Bob and his staff’s relentless and undying pursuit for justice. Bob was never intimidated or wavered.  In the end he very professionally dismantled the defense and their high priced experts and received a unanimous verdict from the jury. Bob made a huge difference in my life and my family's future. Bringing Bob and his staff aboard was crucial in the outcome of this case. Thank you is not enough!"

Patrick M.                         

"Our brand new BMW X3 was severely damaged when a distracted driver ran a red light and collided with our front left fender, causing significant repair bills. While the driver's insurance covered the repairs, our car was inherently worth less after the collision. Bob Wagoner was instrumental in helping us understand our rights within the law and the constraints of recovering diminished value. He not only educated us on the concept itself, but also on the specific conditions and scenarios that must exist for a claim to be worthwhile. Throughout the process, he and his paralegal Lainie kept us up on the latest developments and eventually drove the claim to settlement and a satisfactory resolution."

Jacob C.

"Bob Wagoner is one of the best attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. He was extremely professional and thorough. Mr. Wagoner always made sure I was aware of each aspect of my case while offering excellent advice on how to proceed. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking representation."

 Colin C.

 “Bob Wagoner did an excellent job for me. He was responsive and generous with his time. He was receptive to all our questions and we had many. He worked diligently to resolve my case and I felt the positive outcome was all a credit to him. I found Mr. Wagoner and his office to be professional at all times.”
Katelyn H.

 “Mr. Wagoner's handling of our case was above what I was hoping for. After my wife was hurt in a car accident I did not know what to do. I was referred to Mr. Wagoner and I am glad I was. Mr. Wagoner handled himself in a very professional matter and kept us up to date on our case on a weekly basis. Mr. Wagoner also made sure we were not taken advantage of as he always had our best interest at hand. Whenever we had questions or something came up and we did not know what to do, Mr. Wagoner was there to take our calls and handle everything for us. I have referred several friends to Mr. Wagoner since our case has been closed and will continue to as we trust and believe in him. I know you see on TV, hear radio and get information in the mail after an accident about lawyers that say "they will fight for you" ... well, Mr. Wagoner does not advertise, as he does not need to. 

James S.

“Robert Wagoner represented me after I was in an automobile accident. The insurance company of the driver that hit my car was less than helpful in paying my medical bills, so after trying to handle the situation myself for a year, I sought out an attorney. I was very fortunate to have worked with Mr. Wagoner and his staff. Mr. Wagoner fought for me, giving me the opportunity to heal. Mr. Wagoner and his staff were consistently professional, honest, fair, and most importantly, caring and compassionate. I would recommend him to anyone that needs legal representation.”

 Stacie S.